Unnat International L.L.C., a registered company in the State of Virginia, is a knowledge management firm that fosters the social aspect of doing business in international markets; promotes strategic community alliance; embodies laws and governance; advocates transparency; and serves organizations of any size to deliver tangible business value from knowledge. We aid our clients by designing knowledge management strategies and logistic models, archetypal knowledge management toolkit, and effective marketing strategies. Unnat International, with the aid of our strategic partners in key areas of expertise, can be the helping hand your business need to grow and prosper.

In addition to providing assistance to organizations, Unnat International is deeply engaged within the Nepalese American community and has organized several social events. The company has aided other event management companies and non-profits by providing valuable logistics for the successful completion of mammoth events including concerts in venues like Hammerstein Ballroom, Manhattan, New York and The Fillmore, Silver Spring, Maryland; Fashion Shows at Gotham Hall, Manhattan, New York; Beauty Pageants at Queens Theater, Queens, New York; International Film Festival at the AFI, Silver Spring, Maryland; Annual Nepalese Conventions and many more.